The journey into Australian 0%ABV distillations started with the delicate and citrus Grace, progressed onto the dark and spiced Royal and now ends with the fresh, uplifting and herbaceous Verve. Made to be mixed and designed as a modern aperitif, Verve looks likely to be another great distillation from Ovant. 

Flavour review: Light, aromatic and fresh

Similarly, Grace, Verve is a clear liquid presented in another stylish bottle. Upon opening the bottle, notes on soft herbs and citrus fill your nose. Lemon myrtle, an endemic Australian plant, provides a clear lemon smell and the fresh tulsi basil add a herbaceous character. Mixed as the Verve Perfect Serve, which uses soda water as the mixer, delivers a refreshing and savoury drink. Lemon myrtle and lime peel give the drink an uplifting feel whereas coriander and white pepper add an aromatic and warming feel. We did however find Verve to have a tendency to become lost when mixed in the proportions indicated on Ovant's recipe list, so we recommend using a higher Verve: Mixer ratio to better appreciate the fresh botanicals. 

Value for money: Yes

Verve is available directly from Ovant's website for £26.95 for a 70cl bottle. Great value for a fabulous tasting product. 

Comparison: Botanical Spirits

Out of the three distillations from Ovant, Verve is the hardest to directly compare to an alcoholic spirit. Instead, this delicate, aromatic and herby distillation sits alongside other unique botanical distillations in the no and low alcohol category.

Perfect for: Cocktail making

Composed of a variety of botanical where no individual flavour dominates, Verve is a versatile spirit that adds complexity to several cocktails. Our favourites being the Full Minty and Chamomile Kiss

Our Opinion: Unique

Verve adds something a little different to the very competitive 'spirits' section of the no and low category. Leaning on tropical herbs, flowers and citrus, the composition is something new and refreshing.

Verve by Ovant
Captures the essence of Australia and South East Asia
  • No sugars or sweeteners
  • No artificial flavours
  • Gluten free & Vegan
  • £26.95 for a 70cl bottle

Credits: © 2021 Ovant Distillations Pte Ltd.   Disclaimer: Gifted by Ovant for review.