Our second review of the canned cocktail range from ISH drinks. As the name suggests, SpritISH is for all the Aperol Spritz cocktail lovers out there and once again it's available in a convenient pre-mixed can. Ideal for summer outdoor drinking and whenever you're pushed for time. 

Flavour review: Refreshing and bittersweet

Aperol Spritz loved the world over for its balance of citrus, bitter herbs and sweetness has finally got its non-alcoholic alternative. The aroma of SpritzISH is in our opinion, identical to the real deal, fresh Mediterranean citrus, bitter herbs a slight aroma of cinnamon takes us back to al-fresco summer drinking. Poured over ice and served with a wedge of orange, SpritzISH produces the light orange colour that has made the Aperol Spritz a mainstay of Instagram posts in recent years. It's, without a doubt, a fine-looking beverage. The flavour is complex yet refreshing. The acidity and sharpness come from a range of citrus fruits, including tangerines and lemons, giving a perfectly balanced sweetness to acidity balance. There is a bitter, earthy and almost woody profile to the drink too. The ingredients include quassia and gentian root, natural flavours used widely in aperitifs give an earthy and bitter taste. The aftertaste is unmistakeably bitter, however, it does not bombard the pallet leaving you wanting to swallow a handful of sugar. Similar to the GinISH & Tonic we did feel a spicy tingle on the tongue that grows as you drink more. We feel it's more balanced here than in the GinISH & Tonic, where the chilli overpowers the sharp and bitter notes of the drink.

Value for money: Yes

As of June 2020, this was priced at £2.49 for a 25cl bottle at Holland and Barret. At this price range, it's comparable to similar alcoholic and non-alcoholic RTD cocktails on the market. 

Comparison: Aperol Spritz

Look no further for a non-alcoholic option to an Aperol Spritz than here, ISH Drinks have nailed it perfectly. 

Perfect for: On the go socialising 

Without the need to mix, you can enjoy SpritzISH without having to go through the trouble of mixing your own cocktails. Just enjoy well chilled or serve with lots of ice and a few edges of oranges. 

Our opinion: The best no-low Aperol Spritz option there is

There's not much to add, we loved this drink. 

"ISH Drinks have nailed it perfectly”
  • 75 kcal per can.
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free
  • £2.49 for a 25cl bottle

Credits: Images by ISH Drinks     Disclaimer: Not sponsored, purchased for review.