Sea Arch, founded by Sarah and Geoff Yates are inspired by their local surroundings in the English county of Devon. The name is taken from a local rock formation and the Devon coastline gives ingredients and inspiration for their distilled non alcoholic spirit and their two ready-to-drink cocktails. Sea & T, contains their Costal Juniper spirit, conveniently topped with a lightly sparkling Indian Tonic.

Flavour review: Refreshing, sweet and crisp

Sea & T is a transparent liquid and well- carbonated drink. On the nose, there's a gentle warmth from cardamom, a dash of citrus and a layered floral and soft herbaceous smell. Sea & T, containing a double dose of Sea Arch's Coastal Juniper spirit, has the fresh citrus bite of juniper and a delicate herby touch, most likely from the distillates of sea kelp and samphire. Pre-mixed with a light Indian tonic, there is a surprisingly low level of the bittersweet dryness you would expect from a G&T inspired drink. Instead, Sea Arch have balanced the tangy sweetness of Mediterranean blood orange and a gentle fragrance of cardamom to create a sweeter and aromatic pre-mixed cocktail.

Value for money: Yes

As of March 2021, a 250 ml serving of Sea & T can be brought for around £2.50. This places Sea & T in the same price range as similar pre-mixed options in the market. 

Comparison: Pentire Adrift

Sea Arch being inspired by the Devon coastline and Pentire Adrift by the neighbouring county Cornwall, the county battle lines have been drawn. Pentire when mixed with a light tonic gives a more savoury taste whereas the two ready-to-drink Sea & T has a sweeter profile. We recommend trying both and deciding for yourself. 

Perfect for: Something new

Sea and T, a play on the renowned G&T, delivers a different drinking experience. It's refreshing, crisp and tangy, somewhat different to a gin and tonic.

Our opinion: A great drink

Not your traditional G&T, Sea & T brings a touch of the ocean and a tangy sweetness to the no and low ready to drink category. 

Sea & T and Rose Sea & T by Sea Arch

A unique drink for the market
  • 0% ABV
  • 18 kcal per 100ml
  • Vegan friendly
  • £2.50 for 1x 250ml can

Credits: Images by © 2021 Sea Arch Drinks & Not Gin Ltd.    Disclaimer: Not sponsored, purchased for review.