Ovant are focused on creating 0%ABV alternatives to traditional spirits. Royal is our second review from Ovant a dark distillation, is another unique offering from the Australian brand that brings some of the elements of a Caribbean rum and a smoky whisky. 

Flavour review: Smoky, sweet, spiced and fresh

Visually, Royal has a copper-amber colour that is reminiscent of some varieties of whisky. Unlike Grace, this distillation can be drunk neat, and when poured over an ice cube, aromas of dried spices, cinnamon and star anise fill the nose. There's also a lighter and fresher fragrance from elderberry. Full-bodied and with a great mouthfeel, these aromas flow onto the palate to give a complex spirit. A molasses-like sweetness from the star anise and fennel and the Christmas warmth of mace all blend with lemon peel to give another uniquely layered spirit. Mixed with Ginger Ale to make The Royal Perfect Serve, Royal makes an extremely enjoyable long drink. The delicate botanicals from the spirit combine well with the heat of the Ginger Ale, without being overpowering. 

Value for money: Yes

Royal is available directly from Ovant's website for £26.95 for a 70cl bottle. Great value for a fabulous tasting product. 

Comparison: Rum & Whisky

Similar to Ovant's Grace, Royal presents recognisable flavours, a molasses sweetness and a smokiness somewhat similar to a rum and whisky. However, the presence of elderflower and citrus peel gives a fresh a lightening bite to the distillation, once again capturing the essence of the traditional spirits but with a contemporary touch.

Perfect for: A non-alcoholic Old Fashioned

Served with a few drops of  Angostura bitters and orange peel, Royal makes for a great zero alcohol Old Fashioned. 

Our opinion: One of the best dark spirits on the market

No and low alcoholic dark spirits are vastly outnumbered by their lighter counterparts. Royal joins RumIsh and American Malt by Lyre's as our favourites we've tried in this category. 

Royal by Ovant
Look no further for your 0% Old Fashioned
  • No sugars or sweeteners
  • No artificial flavours
  • Gluten free & Vegan
  • £26.95 for a 70cl bottle

Credits: © 2021 Ovant Distillations Pte Ltd.   Disclaimer: Gifted by Ovant for review.