Rose Sea & T is the second pre-mixed drink from Sea Arch. Using the Devon inspired botanical spirit Coastal Juniper, Sea Arch brings coastal notes, seaside herbs and a fruity raspberry and rose-infused tonic into a convenient, ready to drink can.

Flavour review: Complex yet balanced

With a pink colour and hints of summer fruits and rose on the nose, Rose Sea & T shares some similarities with a pink gin. However, with a double dose of Sea Arch's Coastal Juniper spirit, the aroma map also contains cardamom and a delicate floral smell, comparable to Sea & T. The flavour of the drink is surprisingly complex, combining fruity sweetness, with floral rose, soft herbs and a dry bittersweetness that is all delivered in a perfectly carbonated drink. Unlike some pink gin alternatives, the sweetness of the fruit, raspberry, in this case, is paired with the natural tartness and floral rose to give a perfect sweetness. The distillates of juniper from Sea Arch's spirit give a fresh, lemon touch to the drink and there's a fragrant, warming and piney cardamom background flavour too. Complex and balanced, Sea Rose & T is a great no-low drink.

Value for money: Yes

As of March 2021, a 25oml serving of Rose Sea & T can be brought for around £2.50. This places Rose Sea & T in the same price range as similar pre-mixed options in the market. 

Comparison: Pink Gin & Tonic

Rose Sea & T shares some similarities to a pink gin and tonic cocktail. However, Rose Sea & T has a higher level of floral and gentle herb flavour.

Perfect for: Enjoying cold on a summers day

Enjoy Rose Sea & T well chilled on a hot summers day. The light raspberry flavour, coastal essence and balanced bittersweet profile make this an enjoyable nolo drink. 

Our opinion: Expertly balanced and full of flavour

Similar to Sea & T, this drink is not your traditional G&T, it's better. The addition of rose and raspberry adds a fruity sweetness, the tonic brings the familiar bittersweet balance and the Sea Arch botanical spirit delivers the soft herbaceous and floral notes.

Rose Sea & T and Sea & T by Sea Arch

Ideal for summer
  • 0% ABV
  • 18 kcal per 100ml
  • Vegan friendly
  • £2.5 for 1x 250ml can

Credits: Images by © 2021 Sea Arch Drinks & Not Gin Ltd.    Disclaimer: Not sponsored, purchased for review.