Our second review from the Scottish multinational brewery and pub chain BrewDog is their Punk AF, AF denoting alcohol-free. It's an IPA style beer based on their extremely popular 5.6%ABV Punk IPA. Brewdog's Nanny State was a huge Temperance Club favourite, and with Punk AF Promising all the attitude and flavour but without the alcohol content, we had very high hopes for this one. 

Flavour review: Malty, bitter and tropical

As an alcohol-free IPA, Punk AF delivers all the hoppy, earthy and citrusy flavours you would expect. Punk AF is made from 9 hop varieties and this gives a complex bitter taste which is set against a stable malt flavour too. The addition of citrus fruits gives the sharpness and acidity needed in any decent IPA style drinks. What we found exciting and loved was the light tropical fruit flavour, this gave Punk AF a sweetness that reminded us of a good Caribbean punch and although not a prominent flavour, was noticeable and very enjoyable. The aroma of Punk AF gave you a near-identical, if not better, fragrance than alcoholic IPA's. It's earthy and almost peppery with pine and sweet with tropical fruits. The mouthfeel is also pleasant, however, the head dissipates quite quickly. 

Value for money: Yes

As of October 2020 this was priced at £1.69 for a single 330ml can via multiple online retailers. 

Comparison: Punk IPA

As a non-alcoholic copy of BrewDog's flagship Punk IPA, there is a clear alternative for people looking to reduce their alcohol intake without completely forfeiting an IPA style drink.

Perfect for: Whenever the IPA Moment Calls

Just like Nanny State, Punk AF is a great tasting IPA that can appeal for IPA connoisseurs, larger lovers and possibly even cider fans. 

Our opinion: Best for BrewDoggers and IPA fans

We loved Nanny State and although slightly different, if we were to compare the two, we may ever so slight lean towards Nanny State in a no-low IPA battle. However, Punk AF addition of tropical flavours makes this a great addition to a non-alcoholic drinks collection.

Punk AF by Brewdog (Image credit: @Whattheyeast)

A baseline of malt, a touch of pine and a sprinkle of tropical fruits
  • 0.5% ABV or less
  • 15kcal/100 ml
  • Suitable for Vegetarians 
  • £1.69 per 330ml can

Credits: Images by BrewDog Ltd and WhatTheYeast    Disclaimer: Not sponsored, purchased for review.