Big Drop Brewing Co.'s second review with The Temperance Club, Pine Trail, has a lot to live up to. Uptown, was one of the tastiest no alcoholic beers we've sampled to date. Nevertheless, with Big Drop Brewing Co. being expert non alcoholic brewers, having a unique brewing process where there no de-alcoholisation occurs and their blend of barley, rye, wheat and oats, Pine Trail looks likely to be another success. 

Flavour review: Balanced, bitter and citrus

An inviting amber colour, the aroma of pine and citrus and a sublime foamy head, Pine Trail is off to an excellent start. In the mouth, the texture is full-bodied and feels very natural.  As a pale ale, this drink delivers a good amount of bitterness from the pine and also a well developed malty taste that gives that molasses-like sweetness. A citrus bite then flows onto the palate, with lemon and lime adding the zing needed in any good pale ale. Highly impressed with the brewery wizardry, we were also left savouring the malty aftertaste, which Big Drop Brewing Co. have balanced to be satisfying yet not sickly. 

Value for money: Yes

As of October 2020, a 33cl bottle can be found on multiple online retailers anywhere between £1.80-£2.20. Superb value for an excellent product. 

Comparison: Craft Beers

Full of strong flavours yet crafted by expert brewers to combine them in such a way, where the sum of all elements is greater than every single component. Pine Trail delivers a complex and refreshing beer-drinking experience. 

Perfect for: Beer Drinkers

A pale ale may not be to everyone's taste, but the balance of bitterness, citrus and sweetness in this drink makes it a great all-round for all non alcoholic beer drinkers. 

Our opinion: Another hit from Big Drop Brewing Co.

Bold flavours, great mouthfeel and superb value, there is little room to find fault with Pine Trail. We loved the balanced flavours, carbonation and refreshing too – making this one of our favourite nolo beers to date. 

Pine Trail Pale Ale by Big Drop Brewing Co.

Another hit from Big Drop Brewing Co. 
  • 61 kcal per 33cl.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • £2 for a 33cl bottle.

Credits: Images by Big Drop Brewing Co.   Disclaimer: Not sponsored, purchased for review.