A quality non alcoholic wine or sparkling option has been absent from the market for some time and Nosecco aims to satisfy fill this gap. Nosecco still enthralled in a battle over its name is an alternative to the extremely popular Italian sparkling prosecco. Nosecco is made by a company in Sweden, but is produced by the large wine company Les Grands Chais de France. With a few competitors now in the market, Nosecco could be the go-to non alcoholic drink for those celebratory moments. We review to find out how it compares to it's namesake.

Flavour review: Fruity & Sharp

As a sparkling alternative, Nosecco looks the part. Great carbonation and a pale yellow colour that would be very similar to a prosecco. It, however, does have a fruity-acidic aroma that's characteristic of lower qualities of prosecco. On the palate, a great body and a high level of citrus with a medium finish. There is a good amount of sweetness and crispness from the de-alcoholised white wine and a touch of elderflower too. For some, the very citric aftertaste will be off-putting, this seems to linger in the mouth to produce an almost chemical or artificial aftertaste. 

Value for money: Yes

As of November 2020, this was priced at £3.50 for a 75cl bottle, putting in firmly in the superb value no and low alcoholic drink options. 

Comparison: Prosecco

An avid prosecco drinker is likely to tell the difference between Nosecco and the prosecco varieties available. Although Nosecco carries the citrus, freshness and the medium-dryness you would expect in a prosecco, we felt the flavour was a little artificial.

Perfect for: A Spritz

As a stand-alone, Nosecco does not quite deliver on the taste. However, we've found it can be used much better as a base of a non-alcoholic spritz or part of a cocktail that needs fizz. We recommend trying a spritz cocktail of 50ml Wilfred's and 100ml Nosecco, with a slice of orange.

Our opinion: Good effort, but not quite there

Removing the alcohol of wines and sparkling wines alike seem to affect the taste to a greater extent than other categories of non alcoholic drinks. We're still yet to taste a great zero alcohol alternative to sparkling wine (the search continues...) Maybe the Rosé version might have a better flavour, we hope to review this soon.

Nosecco Spumante and Nosecco Spumante Rosé by Les Grands Chais de France (GCF Group)

Not quite a celebratory nolo sparkling, but great in a spritz
  • 28cal/100ml.
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free.
  • £3.50 for a 75cl bottle.

Credits: Images by Nosecco Ltd   Disclaimer: Not sponsored, purchased for review.