NOgroni by Seedlip is a cocktail recipe created by using 25ml of Seedlip Spice 94, 25ml of Aecorn Bitter and 25ml of Aecorn Aromatic. Each bottle can be bought individually to make this cocktail or it can be bought as a set direct from Seedlip as a NOgroni Recipe Kit for £59.00. As the name suggests, NOgroni is the non-alcoholic answer to the classic Negroni cocktail so we are expecting big, bold, bitter flavours.

Flavour review: Like a Negroni, but overly bitter  

Presented in a stylish 20cl bottle and with a vibrant orange colour, NOgroni scores well when compared to a Negroni. This is further backed up by its floral, herby and citrus aroma. Served with orange peel and a large cube of ice, NOgroni delivers a lot of the Negroni characteristics. The flavour develops as the orange liquid travels down your tongue. The first flavour is one of Chinotto Orange and Grapefruit which provides a citrus tingle and a bittersweet bite. The flavour then develops and the bitter and herby notes take centre stage. Similar to a Negroni, there is an earthy and herby essence delivered from the Allspice and Gentian, however, sadly for us, this and the pre-stated citrus flavours, are washed away a dry bitterness. This bitterness grows as more NOgroni is drunk and builds up to leave an acrid aftertaste. The drink does become easier to drink the colder you serve your NOgroni, so we recommend drinking with additional ice cubes. 

Value for money: No

NOgroni is available via Seedlip's and Aecorn's website for £12.00 a 20cl bottle. The 20cl bottle only serves two drinks of 100ml each, which would equate to £6.00 per serving.

Comparison: Negroni

Ultimately the test for NOgroni is when compared to the timeless classic, Negroni. Although NOgroni is the most similar no and low alcohol option, we feel it misses the cherry sweetness and the herby complexity that is delivered by Campari in the original. 

Perfect for: Aperitvio

Served with a garnish of orange peel and a large cube of ice, NOgroni is best enjoyed as a classic Mediterranean Aperitivo before the main meal. 

Our opinion: Missing balance

W‍e commend Seedlip for its bravery and craftsmanship. To even attempt to recreate such a classic cocktail and to capture the main flavours in a zero alcohol drink takes skill. However, NOgroni lacks the balance of a Negroni with the overriding taste being too bitter. 

NOgroni by Seedlip
Strong bitterness, longing aftertaste
  • 65.7cal/100ml
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients.
  • £12.00 for a 20cl bottle

Credits: Images by Seedlip - Copyright © 2020 Diageo   Disclaimer: Not sponsored, purchased for review.