Nine Elms has been crafted for food lovers at heart. Unique in its composition with over 20 natural flowers, herbs and spices and dark fruit juices it's been created to complement good food. Although not produced to emulate wine and comparably more similar to Vermouth, Nine Elms No. 18 can be enjoyed straight at room temperature, over ice or in a cocktail. Formulated in London and produced using innovative and traditional techniques, Nine Elms delivers a quality option for no-low enthusiasts that can be enjoyed with a meal. 

Flavour review: Fruity, aromatic and gently spiced

The wine similarities start from the chic packaging and continue right through the red wine colour of the drink. On the nose, there is a strong fragrance of red and black fruits, earthy spices and aromatic herbs. To appreciate the true virtues of No 18. we paired a glass of this with a pasta ragu. The drink develops as time passes, the first flavour profile to hit the tongue is a blackberry and blackcurrant fruity sweetness. There are gentle dry and bitter sensations that stem from the tannins and the composition of the 20 botanicals give a herby bite to the drink. There's also a slight tingle on the back of the tongue, induced by the addition of fragrant spices that add warmth. Although not made to directly emulate wine, No 18 does a good job of imitating a full-bodied wine. However, when drunk by itself, it misses some of the complex flavours you would expect from an alcoholic red wine.

Value for money: Yes

As of June 2021, a 75cl bottle can be brought from £15.65 which represents good value for money.

Comparison: Red Wine

This drink shares a lot of similarities with red wines. We do however feel that No 18. and its fruit profile misses some of the aromatics, herby and complexity of quality red wines.

Perfect for: Food

Designed to be enjoyed with great food, No 18. and its wine-like characteristics make this drink a safe choice to enjoy with a good meal.

Our opinion: More than just a wine alternative

We've noticed the underrepresentation of wine alternatives in the no and low alcohol category. No.18 goes some way to fill this representation gap and at the same time offering drinkers a unique drinking experience.

Nine Elms No.18 Ruby Velven by Nine Elms
Intricately crafted & great with food
  • 0% ABV
  • 20 kcal per 125ml
  • Vegan friendly
  • £5.65 for a 750ml bottle

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