Calm is our second review from Meda Wellness. Similar to Recover, Calm contains a blend of CBD, Nootropics Adaptogens, and Vitamins creating another functional non-alcoholic drink for the nolo market. Calm packs 15mg of CBD per can as well as Ashwagandha, a herb used in ancient medicines that has stress and anxiety-reducing properties. Calm also contains Lemon Balm and L-Theanine which too have stress-fighting characteristics. All of the above are delivered within a sparkling chamomile and lavender flavoured drink which Meda suggest that pairs well with rum or gin. 

Flavour review: Floral and tea-like with a honey sweetness

Calm, flavoured with lavender and chamomile has a sweet floral aroma with a hint of a white tea. The Chamomile and lavender also play heavily in the aroma that automatically seems to soothes and relax the mind. Both of which have been used for centuries as herbal remedies to relax and restore balance to the body. There is an enjoyable bittersweet balance to the drink, with the chamomile and lavender combining with maple syrup to elevate Calm from a tea-like drink to something more complex. We also noticed slight cinnamon and herby backdrop to the flavour, probably from a combination of the multiple natural herbs and oil that give Calm its anxiety and stress-fighting effects. Mixed with a Temperance Club favourite, GinISH, Calm creates a superbly refreshing and balanced cocktail with the lavender, chamomile and sweetness combining well with the zesty, dry and bitter taste of GinISH

Value for money: Yes 

As of December 2020, the Recover was available through Meda's website at £3 per 200ml bottle which is great value for a functional non alcoholic drink. 

Comparison: Elderflower cocktails

Calm has a great flavour as described above. We enjoyed the strong elderflower flavour which worked well with as a stand-alone drink and in a cocktail with GinISH.

Perfect for: Unwinding in style

As a functional drink, Calm delivers a lot. There's, of course, the CBD and all its reported benefits, but on top of that, lemon balm herb, lavender oil, B Vitamin blend, L-Theanine and Ashwagandha. The result is not only a great tasting product but a perfect drink to unwind mindfully. 

Our opinion: Our favourite CBD Drink so far

A great tasting drink on its own or combined in nolo cocktails!

Meda Wellness NO-LO range

A drink to unwind mindfully. 
  • 14kcal/100ml per 30ml serving.
  • 15mg CBD per bottle.
  • Suitable for Vegans and Gluten-Free.
  • £36 for 12x 200ml bottles

Credits: Images by Meda Wellness Ltd     Disclaimer: Gifted by Meda Wellness Ltd