We've arrived onto Boost. Our last review of the quartet of drinks in the Meda Wellness No-Lo range. Just like its predecessors, Calm, Recover and Glow, Boost is another zero alcohol sparkling drink, loaded with functional ingredients. Echinacea, long used by North America's indigenous population to fight cold symptoms, Aronia berries which contain high levels of antioxidants as well as Vitamin C, Zinc and 15mg of CBD.

Flavour review: Complex with a surprising flavour

As a cranberry and lime flavoured drink, you may be expecting a bitter, sharp and dry drink, however, Meda has formulated something complex, unique and tasty. The sharp cranberry and the zing of the lime combine with the sweet Aronia juice and the deep caramel Maple Syrup to give a drink that's perfectly balanced in sweetness and citrus. A tea-like flavour, we presume which is from the echinacea also gives a new layer of flavour to Boost, making this a great drink to enjoy on its own. Meda recommends a pairing with either gin or vodka, so we reached for Bax Botanics Verbena which makes a superb long non-alcoholic cocktail. Bitter yet sweet, sharp yet well rounded in complex flavours, this was a drink to remember. 

Value for money: Yes 

Similar to the rest of the Meda range, Glow is available through Meda's website at £3 per 200ml bottle.

Comparison: Nothing out there

We found the flavour of Boost so unique that it proved too hard to chose a direct comparison. Try it for yourself to find out. 

Perfect for: Balanced living

Just like the other Meda Wellness offerings, Boost is created to enjoy as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Our opinion: A great drink

Boost works as a stand-alone nolo drink and as a mixer too!

The Meda NO-LO Collection

Our favourite in the range
  • 16kcal per 30ml serving.
  • 15mg CBD per bottle.
  • Suitable for Vegans and Gluten-Free.
  • £36 for 12x 200ml bottles

Credits: Images by Meda Wellness Ltd     Disclaimer: Gifted by Meda Wellness Ltd