Coast Beer Co are quite the innovators in the world of alcohol-free beer brewing, having brought us world’s first alcohol-free single hop beer series. Coast Beer Co carefully selected the hops for Idaho 7, from Jackson Hop Farm in Idaho, USA and perfected the single-hop recipe to create a juicy and hoppy alcohol-free beer. After the refreshing and fruity DDH IPA, we're interested to find out how the single hop series compares to Coast Beer Co's multi-hop products. 

Flavour review: Clean & refreshing

Idaho 7 has a tropical fruit aroma that wraps around an aromatic piney backdrop. Papaya, mango and pineapple give Idaho 7 an enticing smell that along with its cloudy- light golden colour, resembles a classic dry cider. However, once drunk, the IPA flavour comes through. As a single hop beer, Idaho 7 does not lack the fruity-bitter balance of IPA's but does deliver a more delicate flavour than other nolo IPA's. The usual citrus bite is replaced with sweeter and more tropical fruits, mainly papaya and mango which sit alongside a well-rounded smooth bitterness. The Idaho hops provide a tea-like finish to the drink, these grow softly with the smooth bitterness and tropical fruit properties of Idaho 7 to deliver a light and clean IPA. 

Value for money: Yes

As of February 2021, a 6 X 33cl cans can be brought online and in selected retailers for £16.99. Great value for a great product. 

Comparison: Light IPA's

With a noticeable reduction in bitterness and a flavour bursting with tropical fruits and a touch of pine, Idaho 7 is comparable to other fruity, hoppy and refreshing IPA's.

Perfect for: A gateway into IPA drinking

Similarly to DDH IPA, Idaho 7 is provides a great way to enjoy the "craft" side of the nolo beer category without being too harsh in flavour.  

Our opinion: More hops isn't equal to more flavour

We can tell a lot of work has gone into selecting the experimental hops from Idaho for this IPA. Idaho 7 still delivers a great IPA flavour and this single hop variety can sit proudly alongside other multi-hop IPA's.

Idaho 7 by Coast Beer Co. Image by Grizzly Beers
Delicately balanced, and delivering on flavour
  • 33kcal per 100ml.
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • All-natural ingredients.

Credits: Images by © 2020 Coast Beer Co Limited.   Disclaimer: Not sponsored, purchased for review.