Ovant's trio of non-alcoholic distillations have been crafted in the Margaret River region of Perth, Western Australia. The Ovant journey starts with Tom Streitberg, who with close friends Christopher Bothwell and Elizabeth Reed have extensive winemaking and sommelier experience. Grace is a blend of classic botanicals including juniper and orange peel which is distilled using a contemporary water vapour distillation system. 

Flavour review: Delicate and light, with a citrus zing

Grace, a transparent liquid, is packaged into a beautifully stylish and sleek 70cl bottle that eludes quality and gives this distillation a premium feel. Before mixing Grace as a perfect serve with tonic water, citrus, warm spices and piney aromatic notes drift into the nose. Orange peel combines with the juniper botanicals for a bittersweet, citrus and fresh aroma which are balanced with the warmth of ginger and the fragrance of cardamom. Mixed as the Grace Perfect Serve, the purity of the botanicals combine to create a unique drinking experience. Juniper brings a clean and fresh finish and the spices add a well-rounded warmth. With the presence of Juniper and the obvious tonic, there is enough similarity in flavour, appearance and experience to a gin and tonic. However,  Ovant, and its unique distillation process, which uses water instead of ethanol adds a balanced and refined touch, with the individual botanicals combining to create a great drinking experience. 

Value for money: Yes

Grace by Ovant is available directly from Ovant's website for £26.95 for a 70cl bottle. For a premium branded product we think this is good value for a versatile distillation. 

Comparison: Gin & Tonic

Grace & Tonic carries a fresh citrus taste with a back of the tongue warming from the ginger and cardamom. Although alternative non-alcoholic spirits mimic gin closer, Grace & Tonic still captures some of the characteristics of this timeless classic with a modern twist. 

Perfect for: No and Reduced Alcohol Drinks

Ovant has a wide selection of both no and reduced alcohol cocktails on their website. Grace's versatility and cleanliness of the flavours lead well to many cocktails, our personal favourites were The Revival & The G&B.

Our opinion: A welcomed addition to the market

Well-crafted, versatile and delicious. Grace has a recognisable familiarity but with a novel botanical backdrop. 

Grace by Ovant
Bridging the gap between drinkers, non-drinkers and those who just want to drink less.
  • No sugars or sweeteners
  • No artificial flavours
  • Gluten free & Vegan
  • £26.95 for a 70cl bottle

Credits: © 2021 Ovant Distillations Pte Ltd.   Disclaimer: Gifted by Ovant for review.