Doom Bar Zero is the zero alcohol version of Sharp's Brewery's popular ale, Doom Bar, which is the UK's biggest-selling cask ale.  Sharp's Brewery started brewing in 1994 on the North Cornish Coast. Inspired by the elements their award-wining portfolio is brewed with passion and precision ensuring every drop is beer is brewed to the highest standards. With the widespread acclaim of Doom Bar, this 0% ABV version will be judged against its extremely popular full alcohol equivalent. 

Flavour review: Sweet & malty

Doom Bar Zero pours a dark and inviting amber colour, which, along with its foamy head, ticks all the boxes visually for an amber ale. There is a malty aroma that dominates and carries over to the overall flavour of the beer. Once in the mouth, a very thin body is noticed, which we feel carries away some of the background flavours of this drink. The hops however do deliver a tongue pleasing fruity flavour which gives a rather refreshing sweetness to the drink, but this does feel syrupy after a while. As a pale ale, however, Doom Bar misses out on some of the layered complexity of bitter and roasted malt flavours we were expecting. 

Value for money: Yes

As of June 2021, a 500ml bottle can be brought from £1.30 which represents excellent value for money.

Comparison: Pale Ales

Compared to Amber Ale's, Doom Bar Zero combines fruity hops with malts and a slight bitterness which make this a good alternative for those wanting to drink something that resembles a pale ale. 

Perfect for: Food

Sharp's Brewery recommends pairing Doom Bar with battered seafood, grilled white fish, pork or even a Sunday roast.

Our opinion: Not quite as good as the original alcohol version

It's almost impossible to compare Doom Bar Zero against the original Doom Bar. Although this non-alcoholic version is a good ale, it drops below the very high standard set by Doom Bar. 

Doom Bar Zero Amber Ale by Sharp's Brewery

Close, but no cigar here. 
  • 0% ABV
  • 13 kcal per 100ml
  • Vegan friendly
  • £1.30 for a 500ml bottle

Credits: Images by © Sharp's Brewery 2021    Disclaimer: Not sponsored, purchased for review.