Our first review of drinks created by Clean Co, founded by Spencer Matthews (formerly of Made in Chelsea fame). Clean Co is championing the 'clean revolution', offering a range of 'premium clean spirits' namely their two core products; Clean G - a gin-inspired botanical spirit and Clean R - a dark spiced rum inspired spirit. Our first review of drinks created by Clean Co, is Clean G & Tonic. Sitting in the extremely competitive G&T category of the no and low alcohol market, Clean G & Tonic will have some strong alternatives to battle against.

Flavour review: Missing the gin complexity and an unpleasant aftertaste

Our first impression of the ready-to-drink can is that the packaging doesn't marry with the brands' promise of 'premium'. When first opened there is a strong aroma of lemon, but this is more similar to lemonade. We felt the aroma, although strong in citrus, had an artificial note to it. Drunk in the can, or poured out into a glass, Clean G falls flat in terms of carbonation too. The flavour is dominated by lemon and a reasonable level of bitterness and dryness. However, Clean G missed out on the botanical complexities we would expect from a premium product and feels more like flavoured tonic water. There is also a strange mouthfeel and aftertaste which is likely to be from the addition of peppermint and ginger oils. 

Value for money: No

As of March 2021 this was priced at £1.79 for a single 250ml can directly from Holland & Barratt. At this price range, it's well priced, however, given that there are better products to choose from, we feel that there's better value to be found elsewhere. 

Comparison: Tonic water

The pre-mixed G&T category has some strong competition with GinISH & Tonic, Grove 42 & Lemongrass Tonic and Garden 108 & Cucumber Tonic being some of our favourites in this category. Clean G doesn't provide any of the gin-like characteristics and is more comparable to good tonic waters.

Perfect for: fans of Made In Chelsea

This wouldn't be our first choice for a pre-mix G&T, however, for convenience and affordability, it may be a good option for some.

Our opinion: Could be improved

Not the strongest in the category, a premium and well crafter Indian tonic water has more flavour and punch.

Clean G & Tonic by Clean Co.
The oils give an aftertaste that overstays its welcome
  • 0.5% vol
  • 57 kcal per can
  • Reduced sugar
  • £20.00 for 12x 250ml cans

Credits: © 2021 CleanCo Ventures Limited    Disclaimer: Not sponsored, purchased for review.