Crodino has been produced and bottled since 1965 and has become Italy's most popular non-alcoholic aperitif. Its unique bitter taste comes from a secret recipe, with a traditional infusion of carefully selected herbs, spices and other botanicals that over six months of maturing, give it a distinctive and refreshing aroma. Crodino has a unique bittersweet taste familiar to traditional alcoholic aperitif options.

The brand has refined its recipe to be non-alcoholic at 0.05% ABV (it previously was produced at 0.5% ABV) and has begun selling in the UK and other European countries.

Flavour review: Bittersweet with subtle spices

Crodino's packaging and brand feel so authentically Italian, you immediately feel like you are going to enjoy a real Italian aperitif. The bright golden-orange colour shouts summer, and when poured over ice becomes almost luminescent. When poured there is good carbonation which gently subdues as the drink settles. The aroma is intensely citrusy with a distinctive spicy finish. On the palate there are vanilla-like notes at the forefront with the citrus, mainly orange and lemon following close behind. Being an aperitif, there's a complex blend of botanicals that give woody and herbaceous flavour which sit alongside the nutmeg, cardamom and clove spices. These complex layers of aroma and flavour give all the sensations of a traditional Italian spritz.

Value for money: Yes

As of July 2021, this was priced at £5.00 for 3x 175ml bottles. Currently available via Amazon and soon to be stocked in local supermarkets.

Comparison: Italian Bitters

It's hard to compare Crodino Biondo, a drink that has stood alone for over 55 years. In terms of flavour, the bitter notes could remind you of a sharp fresh lemonade or blood orange juice. However, the complex herbs and spices are very difficult to contrast with. Bitter is the overriding flavour and can take you by surprise if your palate is not familiar with such flavours. If this is the case, juice some oranges to balance the drink over ice.

Perfect for: Aperitivo

Crodino was designed as an Aperitivo, to be enjoyed before a meal to stimulate the appetite. But it should be enjoyed all the time, refreshing served as a spritz and a great option for summer gatherings.  

In our opinion: The Original

It is hard to contest that Crodino was one of the first non-alcoholic aperitifs on the market. With its history and popularity outgrowing its native Italy, Crodino should be one of your go-to choices if you are a fan of an aperitif - specifically a Mediterranean spritz.

Crodino Biondo Spritz.
Bitter, sweet, light and refreshing. Perfect over ice & with a slice of orange.
  • 0.05% ABV/vol
  • 61 kcal/ 100ml bottle
  • £5 for 3x175ml bottles

Credits: Images by Crodino - Davide Campari-Milano N.V.   Disclaimer: Gifted by Crodino for review (at Low2NoBev Event).