Marks and Spencer, better known colloquially as M&S, is another large UK retailer to enter the no and low alcohol arena. Their first drink is a botanical ready to drink G&T. M&S have now expanded their range and created a botanical spirit - which we assume was developed from this drink. This gin and tonic, packaged conveniently in a can, promises botanicals of juniper, coriander, lemon balm and cardamom. So not your typical herb selection for a traditional London Dry style G&T, so we are interested to see how it tastes.

Flavour review: Strong herbal taste

Behind the familiar M&S name, lies a peculiar product. This drink has an aroma that is very strong in lemon and other Mediterranean citrus fruits. On the positive side, there is a good mouthfeel and carbonation, however, the taste was not what we were expecting. There is an overriding, and unpleasant bitterness to this drink. This paired with a strong floral flavour seems a distant memory to a classic G&T. There is also an earthy taste that comes from the addition of coriander and cardamon. All of these flavours seem to build up the more the drink is drunk, creating a medicinal aftertaste. The zestiness of the lemon does add a nice citrus bite, but without the freshness of juniper and a balanced bittersweet profile, this drink fails to live up to its G&T promise. 

Value for money: No

As of March 2021 this was priced at £1.60 for 1x 250ml can directly from M&S, which is a great price point. However, even at this range, there are significantly better options available.

Comparison: A herbal tea or cordial

We think M&S has not quite got this right, this drink has little resemblance to a traditional G&T, and in the battle of the UK supermarkets G&T offerings, it loses to Tesco's Low Alcohol G&T.

Perfect for: Trying something new

This is not your conventional gin and tonic and is most more of an acquired taste.

Our opinion: Not a great G&T alternative

It is packaged as an on-the-go G&T alternative, but we think it would be best sold as a herbal or botanical soda, and not a great one at that. There are a lot better non alcoholic G&T's available on the market.

Alcohol Free Sparkling Botanical G&T by M&S.

This tasted more like a herbal soda than a G&T
  • 82.5 kcal per can
  • Vegan friendly
  • £1.60 for 1x 250ml can

Credits: Images by © 2021 Marks and Spencer plc (UK)    Disclaimer: Not sponsored, purchased for review.