• Who funds The Temperance Club?
    We are independently owned and funded organically though our founder's investment. Should this ever change, we will be completely transparent to Club members and to the community.
  • Who writes on behalf of The Temperance Club?
    The three founders Liam, Daniel & Joe manage the content on the website. We rely on our opinions and research for writing as well as, our community to share stories, news links and information with us. We will have guest writers and editors to help with more niche content and to better our output – this will be credited on all articles.
  • Are we against the alcohol industry?
    Not at all. We all have our own experiences with alcohol and we wanted to create a space for anyone looking to reduce their intake and find great alternatives. We welcome all, whether that be your occasional low alcohol drinkers who want to better their fitness or the sober community looking to find better choices to consume in social settings. Everyone is welcome.
  • What is the review process?
    We each try the product on its own and in one cocktail combination. We then use a benchmarking template to review each product and compare it against the brands' description and our own opinion on taste, flavour, value for money, what the closest comparison is and our overall opinion.
  • Who writes the reviews?
    Collectively, the four founders will try the drink in question and create individual opinions, it will then be collated and summarised with an average impression of the drink. If one person feels stronger, we will evaluate and state it is no longer impartial.
  • Are the drinks supplied by the companies?
    We disclose when a company has provided samples for us to review at the bottom of each article. We will always remain unbiased in our opinions.
  • Information
    The Temperance Club publishes all information on this website and through our newsletters in good faith. We try to fact check all articles but we cannot make any guarantees about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. Any action you take using the information you find on this website is at your own risk. We will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of this website.
  • Links to other websites/content
    We may link to original sources for further reading. However, we do not endorse these sites or have a financial association, the content may not reflect The Temperance Club's beliefs or policies and should not be assumed as so.
  • Consent
    By using this website, you hereby consent to this disclaimer and agree to its terms. If we update, amend or make any changes to this disclaimer, you’ll see the changes on this page.

    This disclaimer was last updated: 15th July 2020.
  • Images
    We try to use our own photography where we can, however in some practical instances we use photography from brands or associated social accounts. We credit brands when this is the case, otherwise we use royalty-free imagery from sources such as Unsplash.
  • The Temperance Club is an open and welcoming community
    We aim to be inclusive and welcoming to all who join and interact with us. We do not condone aggressive or abusive behaviour in any of our social or group community pages (such as Facebook etc.) We will remove any parties that go against our values and ethos as quick as we can.
  • I want to become a contributor to The Temperance Club
    We are always looking for help with content, industry knowledge and people who live and breathe no and low alcohol. Please get in touch with us via our contact page or message us directly on our social accounts and we can discuss more!
  • Support
    Our aim is for the community to grow so that we can support those who need us. We understand our community is directly affected by the negative impact of alcohol and we will do our best to direct you to the right help.

    Here is a list of places if you need them:
    Alcohol Change UK
    We Are With You

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