The low and non-alcoholic category has seen widespread product development as consumer demand soars. Craft breweries are now creating artisanal low ABV beers, multinational alcohol companies are releasing 0% versions of their mainline products and independent distilleries are increasing their product portfolios, all of this to cater to the wants of the more "alcohol aware" consumer. 

Spirit like drinks based heavily on botanicals was brought to the now and low alcohol market through brands like Seedlip, with their Garden 108Grove 42 and Spice 94 products. As clear spirits, with a heavy botanical presence, the comparisons to gin were clear. Although these products were never marketed as gin alternatives, the botanical presence seemed to find a natural home with gin drinkers. Since then, many new brands have emerged with their own distilled spirit. But why has this style of drink become the favourite for companies to create?

Botanical spirit is focused on natural ingredients and purity. Berries, flowers, leaves, spices, roots and grains are combined with the taste palette at the core. Creating unique flavour combinations and a deep flavour that when diluted with a mixer, can still deliver a flavour punch just like full alcohol spirits. The variety and power of botanicals can create a spirit that delivers more flavour than just removing alcohol from an alcoholic spirit. 

With more botanical spirits coming to market, it will be interesting to see the variety in a strong and growing category. We will be sure to review as many as we can.