The Social Drinks Company launched Sentia in January of 2021 as an alternative to drinking alcohol. Crafter over 2 years and born to develop better options for adult social drinkers to connect, Sentia has taken the no and low world by storm with its alcohol-like effects  

Although the exact recipe behind this botanical drink is a well-guarded secret, we can share how Sentia causes its effects, all without the alcohol. Made from natural plants and herbs, Sentia mimics gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain in the same way as alcohol. GABA sends chemical messages in the brain and the central nervous system, controlling nerve cell activity and playing an important role in regulating, stress, anxiety and behaviour. Sentia enhances GABA levels making its drinkers more relaxed and more sociable.

For those wondering whether Sentia can get you intoxicated, Professor David Nutt a renowned Neuro-Psycho Pharmacologist from GABA Labs has confirmed that Sentia effects provide a level of good-feeling however plateau. Meaning you can't get drunk from drinking Sentia.

The active botanical spirit is described as sweet, aromatic and bittersweet spirits and is available for pre-order in the UK via Sentia's website.