With two successful Dry January's completed and, for full transparency, one challenge 'failed', The Temperance Club's own Daniel knows the effort needed to go through the first 31 days of the year without alcohol. Read his tips below.

Think about the Money

Cutting back on alcohol consumption in a pre-Covid world meant I would kick off my year with a significant improvement in my finances. Although 2021 has put a stop to most socialising, I would recommend keeping track of how much money you've saved by cutting out alcohol and spend a % on a treat.

Find your favourite non-alcoholic drinks

Contentious yes, but for me, finding a zero alcohol alternative to my favourite cider or spirit squashed the temptation to ever reach for the real thing. The taste of something alcohol-like might not work for everyone, however if you are keen to attempt Dry January - it is a great option to have.

Fill your spare time with hobbies

One of the reasons for my 2018 Dry January fail, was that I tried to complete the final two weeks devoid of any fun or social activities. I would suggest filling your free time with as many hobbies and activities you enjoy.

Don't take it too seriously

Although half of all Dry January participants don't complete the challenge, 87% of Brits who start Dry January reduce their alcohol intake. I think that this is the best way to approach the month, a lapse here or there, especially in 2021 is no big deal.