Gordon's, the famous gin brand - known for their famous London Dry signature spirit. Has launched an alcohol-free version named Gordon's 0.0. Billed as an alcohol free spirit made with distilled botanicals - the same used within the London Dry Gin.

Will it live up to the famous taste of the original?

We are very keen to try this alcohol free gin (keep up-to-date on our socials for when our review is live), as it is the first from an alcoholic gin brand. Gordons states that by using the same botanicals used within London Dry, the alcohol free version lives up to what you expect from the brand. A juniper led flavour that is created by immersing the berries and other botanicals in water, heating and is then distilled 'before being expertly blended together to capture the essence of Gordon’s'. Although it may not be that simple and the process is unique to Gordons, we are interested to see how it delivers compared to strong independent 'gin' alternatives already on the market.

“Gordon’s 0.0% has been created to ensure that consumers still get to enjoy the taste of Gordon’s, even if they’re opting not to drink alcohol.”

Gordon’s 0.0% is also low in calories at 24 calories per 50ml, and is also suggested to drink as you would their signature spirit – over ice, topped with tonic water and garnished with a wedge of lime.

This is the first alcohol-free spirit launched by Diageo and it may not be the last, we've had many beers and lagers launch in 2020. Will we now see an influx of well-known spirit brands offering an alcohol-free version to capitalise on the sober trend?

Gordons 0.0 – Alcohol Free Spirit

Credits: Images by Gordon's Gin © Diageo Brands B.V. 2017.