As your no and low-alcohol collection start to grow, it will be useful to start building up your barware and essentials - to help elevate your home drink creations. Whether you drink your beers out of the bottle or like to create your own cocktails from scratch. This is a simple guide on how to start building your perfect at-home bar.


Bitters can add an extra kick and depth of flavour to non-alcoholic beverages. Used sparingly, these can add herby, citrus and even smoky flavours to non-alcoholic cocktails. 

Cocktail Mixing Glass

A cocktail mixing glass allows you to prepare more than one cocktail at a time. You can mix your spirits and mixers together to combine and chill at the same time. A simple stir with a bar spoon will help mix without losing any carbonation. Once thoroughly mixed, decant into your serving glasses with fresh ice and add your garnish.

Cocktail Shaker

A cocktail shaker is a useful tool to have in your home bar.  We like to pour strong non-alcoholic spirits alongside a few cubes of ice to chill and loosen the drink before pouring it into a glass to serve. Make sure for any tonic based drinks you refrain from using the shaker as the fizz will disappear!


Fruits are a great tool to add some extra flavours and excitement to your drinks. Some of the most popular fruits for cocktails are citrus-based such as lemon & limes or orange peel. Citrus fruits really help make drinks more refreshing, their peels can also be used to make garnishes. 


The right choice of glassware can elevate a drink. A well-presented drink not only adds to the visual impact, but studies have shown that the shape and composition of glass or any drinking vessel, does make an impact on how our senses decipher the taste and scent of a sip of drinks. A tumbler, perfect for Old Fashions, will allow a drinks' aromas to sit just above the liquid, improving the drinking experience. Martini glasses are designed with a long stem to prevent the heat of your body from warming the contents of the glass. 


If you are a fan of distilled non-alcoholic spirits, you're best friend will be tonic waters. Tonic water pairs well with most 'spirit' style drinks, so begin with traditional Indian tonic waters or Mediterranean tonic water that are usually lighter and more citrusy. Additionally, stock up on ginger ale, lemonade and cola style soft drinks to complement the darker spirits. 

Peelers & Knives

A high-quality peeler at the ready will make it easy for you to add some flair to your drink. Creating elegant twists of peel add flavour and drama to a cocktail. A sharp knife is also useful when needing to prepare garnishes. 

Simple Syrups

Simple syrups are made from water and sugar, with added flavours such as herbs, spices or fruits. These are somewhat prevalent in the non-alcoholic cocktail world and are often used to replace sugar, as they are very soluble.