Congratulations if you were one of the 6.5 million people in the UK who managed to complete Dry January, and if not, there's always next year. This is an amazing start (or continuation) of assessing your relationship with alcohol and seeing the results first hand. According to Alcohol Change UK, the charity behind the month-long campaign, 86% of participants save money, 70% of people have better sleep and 66% have more energy. And maybe you felt one or all of these benefits. 

Some of you may continue abstaining from alcohol moving forward and others may ease back into the occasional drink. Do what is right for you, and do not feel guilty for having a drink. Dry January is meant to be a learning experience, putting your mind and body first and understanding that you can restrain from alcohol. It doesn't mean you now have to be tee-total forever or that your behaviour reverts it was for nothing.

Regardless of your drinking behaviours for the remainder of 2021, we will continue to bring news about the low and non alcoholic industry and community. So keep your eyes peeled on our upcoming reviews and if you are interested in being the first in the know sign up to our newsletter!