Clean Co specialises in no and low-alcoholic spirits. Distilled in Market Harborough, and focused on a clean drinking revolution, their collection includes the 1.2% ABV spirits, Clean G and Clean R, and the convenient pre-mixed cans Clean R & Cola and Clean G & Tonic.

Clean V, V indicating Vodka, is their first 0% ABV drink. Advertised as a vodka alternative but also as a 'Non-Alcoholic Spiced Apple Spirit' on the packaging, Clean V suggests something familiar to a fruit-infused vodka, without the alcohol of course. 

The brand said on social media:

Vodka is a tricky drink to replicate without using the same levels of alcohol, so getting the flavours right has meant a lot of work and tweaking of recipes... Brimming with aromatic hints of green apple and cinnamon spice, this flavour-packed spirit boasts a perfectly balanced blend of fresh and lively flavours, with a classic warming alcohol-like finish.

With promises of lively flavours, and what would be our first review of a non-alcoholic vodka, we're looking forward to reviewing this drink.