Clean Co specialises in no and low-alcoholic spirits. Distilled in Market Harborough, and focused on a clean drinking revolution, their collection includes the 1.2% ABV spirits; Clean G, Clean R, Clean V and the convenient pre-mixed cans Clean R & Cola and Clean G & Tonic.

Clean T, T representing Tequila, is a non-alcoholic alternative to a blanco tequila that you would usually enjoy as part of the classic Margarita.

CleanCo's description of their new Clean T:

Clean T is our take on blanco tequila; opening with soft, fresh green agave and new oak aromas and hints of olive, complemented perfectly with a medley of sweet melon and subtle fruit flavours, all culminating to a classic peppery dry finish - and a cheeky tingle on the tongue.

With promises of authentic agave flavour, we have high hopes that Clean T will be a great alternative to Tequila. Look out for our review - coming soon.