The Temperance Club, created for the growing community of sociable low & non-alcohol drinkers.

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Excited by the explosion of non-alcoholic drinks to the market, three sociable, drink-loving friends started meeting every week to try the latest offerings on the market.

Liam, Daniel & Joe, the founders of The Temperance Club, wanted to make things easier and ultimately tastier for the low and non-alcoholic drinking community. With a love of all things new and wanting to monitor their own alcohol consumption, they decided to research and review the emerging trend of zero ABV drinks. This was the beginning of The Temperance Club, a community which has grown into an online platform to help others decide what they should drink; in all those situations where a soft drink or fruit juice just doesn’t feel enough.

Formed in January 2020
Drinks tasted

The Temperance Club is independent and impartial. All of our reviews, industry news and articles are unbiased.

We want the non-alcoholic community to engage knowing it is for their benefit. Transparency to us is key, ensuring our views and articles are not lead by brands and our audience can make their own informed decisions. For more about how we operate and processes please visit our FAQs page.

“We exist to make our community instant experts when it comes to non and low-alcohol drinks!”
- The Temperance Club
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